Tanzania: Managing resilience to diseases of poverty



SP3/Tanzania: Managing resilience to diseases of poverty: up-scaling actor oriented approaches

Health research is closely linked with poverty alleviation, moving the complex and dynamics relations between urban livelihood, health risks and vulnerability to the centre of interest.

The focal point is “access”. Access to household and community resources as well as to public and private services is a key determinant of vulnerability to health risks, especially in a context of poverty.

Poor people alone cannot solve many of the most pressing public health problems. They need the support of family members, neighbours and community-based organizations as well as the services of the state and of civic society organizations to build up resilience to diseases of poverty.

The concept of “access” as resilience building opportunity is studied through a ‘Household Centered Environmental Sanitation’ (HCES) approach. A multi-scale analysis of how social actors manage access on and between different levels of society may open pathways for up-scaling people-centered approaches.

Project Leader: Dr. Flora Kessy