Research Project in Tanzania

In Tanzania the project is active in an urban area, Dar es Salaam (Ilala) and a rural area, Mtwara Region. Using quantitative, qualitative and participatory methods we aim at:

  1. Identifying female adolescents’ capacities, social connections and involvement in institutions and organizations that might contribute to resilience trajectories related to reproductive health
  2. Analyzing the interplay between female adolescents and social actors (male adolescents, family, peers, community), institution and organizations that contribute to resilience building processes and support adolescents’ scopes of decision-making and action
  3. Analyzing the judgement of and influence on female adolescent trajectories by male adolescent, family, community, institutions and organizations

Building on the scientific findings we will closely collaborate with local and international non-governmental and governmental organizations to develop and pilot test interventions that initiate and support resilience building processes. The findings will provide an evidence basis for the development of improved, appropriate and effective services and interventions in the context of adolescent reproductive health. 

Project Leader: Dr. C. Pfeiffer

Team: Dr. Joyce Nyoni, Dr. Rose Mwaipopo, Richard Faustine Sambaiga MA, Angella Kimweri BA, Alice Mbelwa BA